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  • Extrusion alumium profiles

    Extrusion alumium profiles

    Aluminum profiles are products born from aluminum alloys bar that are transformed into shaped objects through the extrusion process. Extrusion alumium profiles are used in several fields because this metal is Strong and stable.

  • Galvanised Steel Sheet

    Galvanised Steel Sheet

    A galvanised carbon steel sheet is a cold rolled base sheet that has been covered with a zinc coating. The sheet is then hot dipped galvanised. Hot Dipped Galvanised Carbon Steel Sheets are used for applications requiring strength, as well as workability for moderate bending and forming

  • aluminum profile extrusion

    aluminum profile extrusion

    Aluminum profile refers to a long, narrow piece of aluminum that is used in construction and manufacturing. It is often used to create frames, rails, and other structural components. Aluminum profiles can be extruded into various shapes and sizes, making them versatile and customizable for different applications.

  • Heavy Steel Plate

    Heavy Steel Plate

    High carbon heavy steel plate offers the greatest strength and hardness compared to mild and medium carbon steel plate. However, high carbon steel is less ductile than lower carbon steels, meaning it is much harder to machine or form.

  • Anodized industrial aluminum profile extrusion

    Anodized industrial aluminum profile extrusion

    Anodized aluminum profiles extrusion can be seen in architectural and construction projects, in electronic and automotive industry, as well as in telecommunication and solar industry.

  • custom Walkway supply aluminum grating bar

    custom Walkway supply aluminum grating bar

    Aluminum grating bar is lightweight, corrosion resistant, and fully recyclable. With an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio, these products are ideal for both industrial and architectural applications. Manufactured from ASTM B221, 6063 or 6061 alloy or other steel materials.

  • High Strength black painted waxed steel strap

    High Strength black painted waxed steel strap

    Steel strap is a kind of narrow strap steel packaging material with high tensile strength and certain elongation, smooth edge, no burr, bluing and surface coating treatment

  • Black Anodized aluminum sheet for name plate

    Black Anodized aluminum sheet for name plate

    Anodized Black aluminum sheet supplier RAYIWELL MFG can supply aluminum plate at good price. Anodized aluminum sheet is aluminum that has been treated to develop an exceptionally durable finish. To create anodized aluminum, you use an electrochemical process where the metal is immersed in a series of tanks, wherein one of the tanks, the anodic layer is grown from the metal itself

  • Anodized Brushed aluminum plate

    Anodized Brushed aluminum plate

    Anodized Brushed aluminum plate supplier RAYIWELL MFG can supply 1050 1060 1070 2024 3003 4017 5052 aluminum plate, anodized aluminum sheet, Brushed aluminum sheet, Mirror finished aluminum sheet, diamond aluminum plate, aluminum tread plate, 5 bars aluminum plate, 3 bars aluminum plate coil at very competitive price.

  • Extruded aluminium window profiles

    Extruded aluminium window profiles

    Aluminium extrusion profile for doors and windows is a kind of door and window frame decoration building material made of aluminum alloy as raw material. Its advantages are good wind pressure resistance and non-combustibility, and it is a recognized flame-retardant material.

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