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Xiaoxian Ruiyi Commercial Trade Co., Ltd.

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We are a customer-oriented, innovative and value-driven manufacturing supplier and trader of Raw materials made in China.
We represented China Mill like Baosteel, Ansteel and some private steel company selling cold Rolled Steel sheet coil / SPCC, Galvanized steel sheet coil / SGCC, Galvalume steel sheet coil / Aluzinc steel coil, Pre-painted Galvanized steel coil / PPGI, cold rolled Non grain Oriented steel /CRNGO, and aluminum sheet coils.
We are not only selling steel materials but also offer custom sourcing service from China

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News Center

Xiaoxian Ruiyi Commercial Trade Co., Ltd. is a leading comprehensive steel manufacturer in China.

  • EU launches AD investigation on seamless pipes & tubes from China
    Seamless pipes and tubes are types of pipes and tubes that are manufactured without any welding seam. They are made by piercing a solid billet of steel or other materials to form a hollow cylindrical shape. The absence of a welding seam provides several advantages, including higher strength, bett...
  • Colombia launches anti-dumping investigation into Chinese galvanized and galvalume steel coil
    Galvalume steel coil and Galvanized sheets are two different metal anti-corrosion technologies. They have certain differences in application, performance, production process, etc. Galvalume steel coil is an anti-corrosion coating technology that combines aluminum, zinc and a small amount of silic...

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