3003 5052 6061 7075 aluminum checkered plate

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Aluminum Checkered plates or tread aluminum sheet with distinct design and highly slip resistance can be easily configured into a variety of designs and patterns as per the client’s requirement. Aluminum checkered plates can be supplied in different forms of finished products including diamond plates, aluminum checkered plates, tread plates and stair tread.

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aluminum checkered plate is also called embossed aluminum plate. It is actually used in the scenes that require anti-skid in life industry. Generally, it is used as anti-skid plate. There are many types of patterns. According to the type of pattern, it can be divided into compass aluminum alloy patterned plate; a rib , three ribs, five ribs aluminum alloy checkered plate; orange peel aluminum alloy checkered plate

Aluminum checkered plate is a plate with aluminum as the base material, which forms various patterns and patterns on the surface through special processing technology. It has the advantages of aluminum, such as light weight, corrosion resistance, recyclability, etc., but also has the characteristics of beauty and strong decoration.

The pattern and pattern of the aluminum checkered plate can be customized according to the needs. Common patterns include corrugated, textured, concave-convex, etc. It is widely used in architectural decoration, vehicle manufacturing, electronic product casing, furniture manufacturing and other fields. In terms of architectural decoration, aluminum checkered panels are often used in interior ceilings, walls, stair handrails and other decorations, which can increase the aesthetics and artistic sense of the space.

The production process of aluminum pattern plate mainly includes embossing, knurling, wire drawing and so on. Embossing is to put the aluminum plate into a special mold, and form patterns on the surface of the aluminum plate through pressure; knurling is to roll the aluminum plate through rollers to form patterns; wire drawing is to pull out the texture on the surface of the aluminum plate through a wire drawing machine.

Generally speaking, the aluminum pattern plate is a decorative and practical plate, which is widely used in various fields, adding beauty and unique style to the product.

5052 aluminum sheet ,Aluminum Tread Plate (or Checker Plate or chequered plate ) is a smooth sheet with a regular diamond pattern or 3 bars or 5 bars pattern on one side. It is used for flooring, cladding, tool boxes, ramps or anything that requires an ultra-hard wearing property.

5052 aluminum is popular because it is one of the most versatile aluminum alloys. It is strong enough for fuel tanks, but adaptable enough for utensils.

Aluminum 5052 tread plate has a smoother finish than 6061 Aluminum, although it is not heat-treatable. Aluminum 5052 tread plate has a higher fatigue strength and modulus of elasticity than Aluminum 6061, making it an excellent forming alloy. Aluminum sheet 5052 is used in many types of industrial applications, including: Fuel tanks

Comparing with alloy 3003, In general, 3003 is fairly soft and has good corrosion resistance, good drawing, good workability, moderate strength, and is weldable, while 5052 is stronger and has better corrosion resistance, good drawing, good formability, higher strength, and also is weldable.

When annealed, aluminium alloy 5052 is stronger than 1100 and 3003 alloys. It is one of the higher strength, non-heat-treatable alloys and has good workability. It also has very good corrosion resistance, especially to salt water.

Aluminum plate or aluminum sheet is very common materials,and they are existed in various alloys in our daily life,because aluminum is good materials can be welded and machined, aluminum is corrosion resistance as well.
RAYIWELL MFG / TOP Metal Manufacture aluminum plate in different thickness, width and length and in different forms like aluminum diamond plate, perforated aluminum sheet, round sheet, checker plate, and we make aluminum checker sheet in 3 bars, 5 bars.
We have aluminum alloy available below
1000 series:1050,1060,1070,1080,1100,1145,1200,1235, etc.
2000 series:2014,2017,2018,2024,2025,2219, 2219,2618a etc.
3000 series:3003,3004,3102,3104,3105,3005, etc.
4000 series:4032,4043, 4017, etc
5000 series: 5005,5052,5454,5754,5083,5086,5182,5082, etc.
6000 series:6061,6063,6262,6101, etc
7000 series:7072,7075,7003 etc
8000 series: 8011, etc.
Temper of aluminum sheet: O, H, W, F, T
H:H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H32, H34, H111, H112, H114, H116
T: T0-T651
Size of aluminum sheet
Mother coil: CC or DC
We will use paper inter layer or film to protect your aluminum sheet to make sure all sheets in clean and smooth surface.
RAYIWELL MFG / RuiYi aluminum/ Top Metal Manuacture aluminum sheet according to production standard with GBT3880, JIS4000, EN485 and ASTM-B209.

1. Aluminum alloy checkered plate
Ordinary aluminum alloy checkered plate is a checkered aluminum plate obtained by processing 1060 series aluminum plate as the basic material. In terms of price, it is the cheapest among the three types, and it is also a kind of patterned aluminum plate with a wide range of applications. Basically, it can be chosen in any special environment. Our common outer packaging now uses this ordinary aluminum alloy checkered plate.

2. Aluminum-manganese alloy checkered plate
The aluminum-manganese alloy checkered plate has a deeper aluminum content, and is a patterned aluminum plate processed from the 3003 series aluminum plate as the basic material. This kind of patterned aluminum plate has a characteristic, that is, it can prevent rust, so it is generally used in places that need to prevent rust, such as the compartment of a truck, the floor of a cold storage, etc.

3. Aluminum-magnesium alloy checkered plate
The aluminum content of the aluminum-magnesium alloy pattern plate is high, and the pattern aluminum plate is generally processed by using 5 series aluminum plate (5052, 5754) as the basic material. Mingtai Aluminum’s 5-series aluminum-magnesium alloy has strong hardness. This series of alloys not only has good rust resistance, but also has corrosion resistance. It is generally used in particularly humid places such as ships.


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