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Silicon steel is a special electrical steel, also known as silicon steel sheet. It is composed of silicon and steel, the silicon content is usually between 2% and 4.5%. Silicon steel has low magnetic permeability and resistivity, and high resistivity and magnetic saturation induction. These properties make silicon steel an important application in electrical equipment such as motors, generators and transformers.

The main characteristics of silicon steel are low magnetic permeability and high electrical resistivity, which enable it to reduce eddy current loss and Joule loss in the iron core. Silicon steel also has a high magnetic saturation induction, making it able to withstand higher magnetic field strength without magnetic saturation.

The application of silicon steel is mainly concentrated in the field of power equipment. In the motor, silicon steel is used to manufacture the iron core of the motor to reduce eddy current loss and Joule loss and improve the efficiency of the motor. In generators and transformers, silicon steel is used to manufacture iron cores to increase magnetic saturation induction and reduce energy loss.

In general, silicon steel is an important electrical material with excellent magnetic permeability and resistance characteristics. It is widely used in the field of power equipment to improve the efficiency and performance of equipment

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Oriented silicon steel and non-oriented silicon steel are two common electrical steel materials that have different applications in the manufacture of electrical equipment and motors.

1. Oriented Silicon Steel: Oriented Silicon Steel is a kind of silicon steel material with obvious oriented grain structure. It arranges the crystal grains in a specific direction during the manufacturing process through a special process, thereby improving the magnetic permeability and magnetization. Grain-oriented silicon steel has low hysteresis loss and eddy current loss, so it is widely used in high-efficiency motors and transformers. Its applications include high-speed motors, high-efficiency transformers, and power equipment.

2. Non-Oriented Silicon Steel: Non-Oriented Silicon Steel is a silicon steel material with uniform grain structure. Its grain structure is evenly distributed in all directions without obvious orientation. Compared with oriented silicon steel, non-oriented silicon steel has lower magnetic permeability and magnetization, but its hysteresis loss and eddy current loss are also lower. Non-oriented silicon steel is mainly used in low-power motors, small transformers and electronic equipment and other fields.

In general, grain-oriented silicon steel is suitable for high-efficiency and high-performance motors and transformers, while non-oriented silicon steel is suitable for motors and transformers with general power and small size. Both silicon steel materials have important applications in the manufacture of power equipment, and the appropriate material can be selected according to specific needs.

Grain-oriented electrical steel usually has a silicon level of 3% (Si:11Fe). It is processed in such a way that the optimal properties are developed in the rolling direction, due to a tight control (proposed by Norman P. Goss) of the crystal orientation relative to the sheet. The magnetic flux density is increased by 30% in the coil rolling direction, although its magnetic saturation is decreased by 5%. It is used for the cores of power and distribution transformers, cold-rolled grain-oriented steel is often abbreviated to CRGO.

Standard size range of product

Nominal Thickness (mm)

Nominal Width(mm)

Inner Diameter (mm)

0.23, 0.27, 0.30, 0.35



Deviation of the Width, Thickness and length

Nominal width

Nominal thickness

Thickness deviation

Transversal Thickness deviation

Width deviation

Width tolearance













Other thickness ±0.030






Product Specification, Delivery weight and executive standard

Product Specification Delivery Weight Executive Standard
Thickness 0.23/0.27/0.39 * Coil Products delivery upon coil  coil weight ≤2-3 ton GB/T 2521.2-2016

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