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An aluminum profile or aluminium extrusion profiles, also called aluminum frame, is made from the extrusion process by pushing aluminum billets through a metal die to get the standard or custom shapes, and comes in various textures, colors and brightness

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Aluminium extrusion profiles are produced by pushing aluminum billets through a metal die to get the standard or custom shapes. We can produce extruded profiles with the weight per meter ranging from 0.10 Kg up to 50 Kg, the largest circle size is up to 650mm for industrial applications. With in-house surface finish processing capabilities, all of our aluminum profiles can be produced in mill finish, anodized or powder coated in desired colors.

After extruding process, these aluminum extrusion profiles are precisely cut to required lengths and then sent to packaging for shipment. Extruding aluminum is our specialty, we try to help our clients build their products from start to finish. To ensure the right alloy and profile shape design is selected, our engineer team is able to help our clients design their aluminum profiles from the early stages when it is necessary. An excellent designed aluminum extrusion profile shape will lead to cost effective product and constant good quality.

Each aluminium extrusion profile is available in a wide range of different sizes and can be made with different aluminum alloys according to its destination.

Aluminium extrusion profiles are mostly used in the construction and furniture sector, in the automotive field and in the transport industry. We can mention, for instance, aluminum borders with screw attachments, drainers and water deflectors, glazing extrusions, picture frames, trim profiles for vehicles, corner elements with special sections, aluminum handles and handrails.

Aluminium profiles can be customized according to dimensional tolerances, colors, shapes, and thicknesses. Most of aluminium extrusion profiles or aluminum profiles are made from aluminium materials 6061, 6063, but the most widely used options to extrude aluminum alloys is alloy 6063, which offers a high quality finish and is an excellent option for extrusion. It is used for custom and standard aluminum extrusion design, as well as for structural pipes and tubes, seamless tubing, heat-sinks and much more.

Као водећи произвођач напредних и високо специјализованих алуминијумских екструзијских профила. Нудимо низ прилагођених алуминијумских профила, алуминијумских екструзија и великих структурних екструзија. Алуминијумски профили су идеални за конструкције у машинској и погонској конструкцији. Велика предност је мала тежина профила и флексибилна технологија спајања

6061 6063 Алуминијумски профили manufacturer RAYIWELL MFG from China. Aluminum profiles can be divided into 1024, 2011, 6063, 6061, 6082, 7075 and other alloy grades of aluminum profiles, of which 6 series is the most common. The difference between different grades is that the ratio of various metal components is different, except for commonly used aluminum profiles for doors and windows In addition to architectural aluminum profiles such as 60 series, 70 series, 80 series, 90 series, and curtain wall series, there is no clear model distinction for industrial aluminum profiles, and most manufacturers process them according to the actual drawings of customers.

Алуминијумски профили имају такву површинску обраду

1. Анодизовани алуминијум
2. Електрофоретски премаз алуминијума
3. Алуминијум обложен прахом
4. Алуминијум за пренос зрна дрвета
5. Флуорокарбонски прскани алуминијум
6. Полирани алуминијум (подељен на механичко полирање и хемијско полирање, међу којима хемијско полирање има највећу цену и најскупљу цену)

Алуминијумски профили су производи настали од легура алуминијума који се процесом екструзије претварају у обликоване предмете. Од овог процеса највише зависи јединствена комбинација физичких карактеристика алуминијума. Алуминијумске екструзије се користе у неколико области јер је овај метал: Снажан и стабилан.

Врсте алуминијумских профила

  1. Hollow Beam.
  2. Square Profile.
  3. СД алуминијумски профил.
  4. РЦВ Профил.
  5. Door Section.
  6. Louver Profile.
  7. Т-Сецтион

Алуминијумски производи од алуминијума и других легирајућих елемената. Обично се прерађује у одливке, отковке, фолије, плоче, траке, цеви, шипке, профиле итд., а затим хладним савијањем, тестерисањем, бушењем, монтажом и бојењем. Главни метални елемент је алуминијум, додајући неке елементе од легуре за побољшање перформанси алуминијума

Electrophoresis aluminum profile

1. Strong corrosion resistance: the surface has high anti-corrosion performance, which can effectively prevent acid, alkali and salt corrosion. It is the best variety for anti-corrosion of building mortar.
2. Satisfactory performance life, even in harsh and harsh environments, it can ensure a life span of more than 50 years without corrosion, aging, fading, or falling off.
3. The hand feel is smooth and delicate, and the appearance is bright and beautiful. Magnificent. A variety of colors are available.
4. The hardness of the paint film is high. It can withstand the hardness of aluminum pen above 3H for drawing and engraving

Oxidation aluminum profiles
The substrate is used as the anode, placed in the electrolyte for electrolysis, and a protective oxide film is artificially formed on the surface of the substrate to form an alumina material.
Main features of alumina material:
1. It has strong wear resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance.
2. It can form a variety of colors on the surface of the substrate, which is most suitable for your requirements.
3. Strong hardness, suitable for the production of various construction and industrial materials.

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