ASTM 653 Prepainted PPGL DX51D DX52D SGCC Galvanized Steel Sheet Coil

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Galvanized steel is a hot-dipped coated metal that provides customers with better resistance to corrosive environments.

To create galvanized steel, cold rolled steel is submerged into a molten zinc bath, known as the hot-dip process (galvanization can also be achieved through continuous galvanizing). When the material is removed from the zinc bath and cooled a reaction to the oxygen in the air occurs. The reaction causes the zinc coating to become part of the steel creating the well-recognized spangled finish.

Product Name Galvanized Steel Coil Brand RAYIWELL MFG/ BAOSTEEL
Thickness 0.12mm-6mm Width 600mm-1250mm or Customized
Surface Galvanized Coated / Zinc coating Zinc Coating 15-275g/m2
Paint PE PVDF SMP HDP Product Capacity 60000Ton/Year

Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Coil has excellent performance, possessing ideal comprehensive properties of corrosion resistance, formation and coating. It is produced by passing the steel sheet which has undergone the acid washing process and rolling process through the zinc pot, thereby applying zinc film to the surface. It has excellent corrosion resistance, paintability, and workability due to Zinc’s characteristic

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The zinc flower of hot dip Galvanized Coil is a kind of technology to reduce the solidification temperature of liquid zinc (the solidification temperature of pure zinc is 419 ℃) and prolong the growth time of zinc flower crystal by producing a large number of crystal nuclei. High purity zinc coating (galvanizing layer) can not form zinc flower. For example, adding tin (< 0.5%) to solidify at 198 ℃; adding cadmium to solidify at 264 ℃; adding lead to solidify at 317 ℃; adding antimony (< 0.3%) to solidify at 409 ℃; or spraying the surface of zinc coating with steam flow or SO2 gas flow can form large zinc flower as soon as possible.

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