Stainless steel welded pipe, referred to as welded pipe, is a steel pipe made of commonly used steel or steel strips after being curled and formed by a unit and a mold.

The production process of welded stainless steel pipe is simple, the production efficiency is high, there are many varieties and specifications of stainless steel pipe but the equipment investment is low, and the general strength of welded stainless steel pipe is lower than that of seamless steel pipes.

On December 24, 2023, the Turkish Ministry of Trade recently issued an important trade announcement, announcing the launch of the second anti-dumping sunset review investigation into welded stainless steel pipe originating in mainland China and Taiwan, China. This decision was made based on the application of the Turkish manufacturer, and the product tax numbers involved are 7306., 7306. and 7306. The release of this announcement will have a significant impact on the trade relations between China and Turkey.

The initial AD measure was implemented in March 2013, with a duty rate of 13.82% to 25.27% of the CIF price for China and 7.98% to 14.65% of the CIF price for Taiwan. After the first sunset review, China’s AD duty rate was adjusted to 13.82%-20.50%, and Taiwan’s rate was 7.98%-11.50%.

Stainless steel is essentially a low carbon steel which contains chromium at 10% or more by weight. It is this addition of chromium that gives the stainless steel a unique corrosion-resisting properties. RAYIWELL / TOP Metal Materials can supply ss201, ss304, ss316, ss316L or ss430 steel plate at very competitive cos

Post time: Dec-27-2023

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