Galvalume steel coil and Galvanized sheets are two different metal anti-corrosion technologies. They have certain differences in application, performance, production process, etc.

Galvalume steel coil is an anti-corrosion coating technology that combines aluminum, zinc and a small amount of silicon.

The surface of this steel plate is coated with a layer of aluminum-zinc alloy. The production process of galvalume plate is similar to that of galvanized steel plate and aluminum plate. It is a continuous molten coating process.

Galvalume steel coils with aluminum-zinc alloy coating have superior corrosion resistance compared to galvanized steel sheets of the same thickness when both sides are exposed to the same environment.

Galvalume steel coils or steel sheets have good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, heat reflectivity, adhesion, economy and other characteristics, and are widely used in construction, automobiles, home appliances, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and other fields, such as roofs, walls, automobile hardware systems, agricultural facilities, etc.

Galvanized plate refers to a steel plate with a layer of zinc on the surface. This kind of steel plate is used to prevent corrosion on the surface of the steel plate and extend its service life.

The production process of galvanized sheets mainly uses hot-dip galvanizing technology to coat a layer of zinc on the surface of the steel sheets to make the steel sheets rust-proof and corrosion-resistant during use.

Galvanized sheets are widely used in construction, home appliances, automobiles, electronics, agriculture and other fields, such as roofs, balcony panels, car shells, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

Galvanized sheets have good anti-corrosion properties, high temperature resistance, decorative properties, wear resistance, plasticity and processability.


On April 30, 2024, the Colombian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism issued Announcement No. 115 on April 26, 2024 in the official gazette, stating that in response to the application of Colombian companies ACESCO S.A.S and CORPACERO S.A.S., galvanized and galvanized products originating in China Alloy plate coils (Spanish: Lámina lisa galvanizada y galvalume y teja galvanizada y galvalume) initiated an anti-dumping investigation.

The Colombian tax numbers of the products involved are 7210.41.00.00, 7210.49.00.00, 7210.61.00.00, 7210.69.00.00, 7225.92.00.90 and 7225.99.00.90. The announcement will take effect from the day after it is released.

Galvalume steel coil

Galvalume steel coil

The difference between the galvanized sheet and the galvanized sheet is mainly the difference in the coating layer. The surface of the galvanized sheet is evenly distributed with a layer of zinc material, which acts as an anodic protection for the base material, that is, an alternative corrosion protection for the zinc material. Without the use of the base metal, only when the zinc is completely corroded can the base metal inside be damaged

Application of Galvalume steel coil

Construction: roofs, walls, garages, acoustic walls, pipes and prefabricated houses, etc.
Automotive: mufflers, exhaust pipes, wiper accessories, fuel tanks, truck boxes, etc.
Home appliances: refrigerator back panel, gas stove, air conditioner, electronic microwave oven, LCD frame, CRT explosion-proof belt, LED backlight, electrical cabinet, etc. Agricultural use: pig house, chicken house, granary, greenhouse pipes, etc.
Others: heat insulation cover, heat exchanger, dryer, water heater, etc.

Product Name Galvanzied Steel Coil,Galvalume Steel Coil,Zinc,Aluzinc,GI,GL,HDGI,HDGL
Standard EN10147, EN10142, DIN 17162, JIS G3302, ASTM A653
Steel Grade Dx51D, Dx52D, Dx53D, DX54D, S220GD, S250GD, S280GD, S350GD, S350GD,

S550GD; SGCC, SGHC, SGCH, SGH340, SGH400, SGH440, SGH490,SGH540, SGCD1, SGCD2, SGCD3, SGC340, SGC340 , SGC490, SGC570; SQ CR22 (230), SQ CR22 (255), SQ CR40 (275), SQ CR50 (340), SQ CR80(550), CQ, FS, DDS, EDDS, SQ CR33 (230), SQ CR37 (255), SQCR40 (275), SQ CR50 (340), SQ CR80 (550); or As Requirement

Type Coil/Sheet/Plate/Strip
Material CGCC/SGCH/G350/G450/G550/DX51D/DX52D/DX53D
Thickness 0.12mm-4.0mm or 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm
Width 600mm-1500mm or 914mm/1000mm/1200mm/1219mm/1220mm
Zinc Coating Z30g/m2-Z350g/m2
Surface Structure Normal spangle coating(NS), minimized spangle coating(MS), spangle-free(FS)
Coil Weight 3 Tons -8Tons
Coil ID 508mm/610mm

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