Turkey has decided to increase import duties on certain flat products. Import duties on non-alloy hot-rolled coil will increase from 9% to 15%, while those on alloyed hot-rolled coil will increase from 6% to 13%. Import duties on steel plates have been raised from 9-10-15% to 15-20%. Import duties on unalloyed cold-rolled coil were raised to 17% from 10%, while those on hot-rolled and cold-rolled stainless steel coils remained unchanged.

On the other hand, import duties on hot-rolled coils for re-rolling companies and welded pipe producers were increased from 6% to 13%, while import duties for white goods producers were increased from 7% to 15%.

The current new rates are 20% for galvanized coil, pre-coated coil, and tinplate, 6% for electrical steel sheet, 8% for stainless cold-rolled coil, and 2% for stainless hot-rolled coil.

Post time: Jan-31-2023